Barz Over Bullets: Out of the Darkness Hip-Hop Benefit Show

Shotski's Eats amd Venue, 1230 State St, Salem, Oregon 97301

$10 at the door $7 presale

The Out of the Darkness Community and Overnight walks benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) by raising awareness on suicide and depression, raising money for research and education to prevent suicide from taking place, and providing assistance and a safe outlet for survivors of suicide. There are more than 30,000 suicide deaths in the United States each year. Ninety percent of those who die by suicide could have benefited from mental assistance. In 2017, 825 people died by suicide. I knew 4 of them. in 2018 there is so far an estimated 772. I knew 3. Any of these lives could have been saved had there been help.

Procedes will be going to the Salem Out of the Darkness Walk, to support locals first and the nation second.

ACTS: - Headliner: Pynt - Headliner: Brain Damage

Unified Entertainment: - PrimeTyme - Aelem

BornBrokeDieFamous: - Chris Tabor - KRYPTiC - Day Dreamer - DLøw

MyTeam Studios: - It’s Denny

Salem Family: - Fahari - Trysta Ladawn - Doughpey - JaceTheInfinite

Out of Towners: - Benny Cosmic (Eugene, OR) - Young Maj1c (Walla Walla, WA) - WAYV (Coos Bay, OR)

More TBA