1. Pale Eyes

From the recording The Mountains Stare Back

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What's the motions that I'm knowing? What's the motions that I've chosen? What's the motions that are going?

There's motions we will never see that will change some things to be. We've never known, never will. It's like we barely know who's we; and I have doubts and I have dreams and I don't know if I believe in all the finer things or all the suffering or all of anything. I don't know if where I'm going is hardly worth me knowing, but I'm the only one who can know and that's got to count for something. Listen little heart, barely beating from the start, you're here and then you're gone; you were real and now you're not. I remember knowing answers to questions I never asked, and I often ask questions to answers I'll never know. I'm possessed by this time and place. I wield my flesh with these thoughts. Words behind my teeth are often dragging me along to places I never thought I would see without my sight. I guess life can always see what's behind these pale eyes. What lies deep behind these pales eyes? Look at the colors behind these pale eyes. Does it shine? Does it darken up the light? Will it pull out it's teeth? Will it be stuck in suffering? Or, will it get answers to questions it's never known? Your either up or your down, and that's how it goes, until you count on yourself. Count on your wealth. Count on the motions to take away the hell. It's in your mind the way you define these pale eyes.