1. Taped Up

From the recording The Mountains Stare Back

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You stepped into my memo. Things need to stay confidential. Roaming through the pages of my soul makes me mental. Let's talk about potential. Let's think why it's suspenseful to just try and live a little; I'm dying to be civil. We need to just be gentle to ourselves and probably the entire world in general. Possibly, we can go back to the middle of the self. I am brittle. I don't care. I am puffing up the air. I'm inhaling all your powers like I'm Kirby. So, beware. Other angry people wanna gobble me as well. I've been patient; pouring chemicals, trying to help my boat float. Call me Agent Orange because I'm killing the whole dojo. Come closer to your hope so your flow's not all so-so. It is loco to be so low you can't even be a rogue ghost. Can't even speak. Your mouth is so closed. Oh, no!

Got me taped up. They got me taped up. Taped up. They got me taped up.

Eyes bound. Ears bound. Mouth bound. (X4)

I've been feeling like I gotta take control of this feeling; like, I'm losing all control. (X2)