From the recording The Mountains Stare Back

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By the time I'm the earth, I'm dead; birthed and mislead. The dirt in my eyes grow the plants in my head. There's a dance to be said; spoken with motions that lead us to death. It's the math and the guess, the dreams and the breath, that scream out my name when I'm buried in stress; emotionally wrecked, hoping for less, blessed by the hex that is X'd on my chest. We bleed for the test. To succeed like the rest is a nightmare at best. I'm just here as a guest. Disappear in the night like a thief with a theft. So be the lead in your flesh, cause you get what you get, till everything changes by ways that you set. Tilt everything into the depths. The mind is a mess, so is time, and these feelings I get.

It's these feelings I get.

Thou shall not forget the sickness within; to polish the diamond infesting the skin,

and so it begins. (x3)